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  • Change in the town plan in Ahventie student village – economical and better quality student housing for students in Vaasa

    VOAS wants to develop Ahventie student village to meet with the living demands of today and the future. Ahventie student village has served students well for decades. Now it is the time to develop the area for it to continue serving students well also in the future.

    VOAS and the City of Vaasa have started a change in the town plan on Ahventie. This will make it possible to develop the area also by complementary building.

    We aim at replacing the old row houses with modern new construction and cultivate the park-like landscape of Palosaari. We have participated in active dialogue with the students, other student housing organisations and ARA (The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland).


    Student housing for today’s needs

    The sympathetic row houses, now planned to be replaced, have ended up in a barely adequate condition. Based on thorough examination we have come to the conclusion that it is more cost-efficient to replace them rather than repair them in the necessary extend.

    We want to support the students’ living comfort and therefore we plan to build communal spaces in the area. The students of the Administrative Sciences in the University of Vaasa have helped us greatly when planning these new services.


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