A Swift Move-Out Inspection Enhances Resident Experience
  • A Swift Move-Out Inspection Enhances Resident Experience

    Vaasa Student Housing Foundation and Komu Homes Initiate Collaboration

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    Komu Homes has developed a product for property inspections, where the apartment is checked by the resident during the move-out process. From the foundation's perspective, this offers cost savings, and from the resident's point of view, it ensures a prompt return of the security deposit if the apartment is in good condition.


    Our foundation is evolving its operations in line with a resident-centric strategy, aiming for efficiency and a resident-centered approach in all aspects of our work. Rental housing is a growing trend in the real estate market, and the service-oriented nature of housing challenges existing, sometimes outdated, operational models in an innovative manner.


    The service will be gradually introduced during the autumn of 2023, and the new operational model will be fully implemented starting from the beginning of 2024.


    We are pleased to embark on this collaboration with Komu Homes, as we discovered a shared alignment in our thinking on various matters related to housing and real estate.


    About Komu

    Komu Homes is a young software company with a vision to provide better and easier rental housing solutions. Komu's products include:

    • a mobile app for residents
    • a tool facilitating property inspections
    • the most advanced cable-free doorphone system on the market


    Learn more about Komu: www.komuhomes.com


    About the Foundation

    Vaasa Student Housing Foundation (VOAS sr.) is a non-profit organization in Vaasa, offering housing for over 2600 students annually. Our apartments are mainly located in Palosaari and the central area of Vaasa. We aim to provide housing that leaves lasting positive memories!


    Additional Information:

    Komu Homes: Roni Lahti, 040-139 9069

    VOAS: Marko Ylimäki, 050-5210 534