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Vaasan opiskelija-asuntosäätiö sr
Hartmaninkuja 4
65100 Vaasa
Tel +358 63276 511

In issues regarding housing, applications and other topics related to living with VOAS, please contact asuntotoimisto(at) or +35863276511.

In issues regarding the condition of your apartment or house, please contact kiinteisto(at)

However, repairs (minor faults in the apartment, such as a loose door handle or a loose curtain rod) should be reported directly to the maintenance company via this link. Faults requiring urgent maintenance (e.g. leaking pipes, need for door opening) should be reported to the maintenance company by calling the emergency number +35850 3891839.

If you call from abroad the number is: +35863276XXX

Marko Ylimäki

Executive Director



Housing office

Our housing office is at your service! You can contact us by email or phone or stop by at the office. Our opening hours are:

  • Mon-Fri 10.00–15.30
  • The first and last working day of the month 10.00–17.00

You can find exceptions in the News section.

Contact us:

Email: asuntotoimisto(at)

Tel: +35863276530

Miia Salo

Marketing and Customer Relations Manager



Susanna Eerola

Housing adviser



Linda Kleemola

Service adviser



Viivi Myllykoski

Service adviser



Mikaela Åberg

Service adviser



Real estate department

The real estate department is in charge of maintaining our houses.

In case there is something in your apartment that needs fixing, please contact the service company directly by filing a fault report.

email: kiinteisto(at)

Teppo Rasku

Real estate Director



Petra Alamäki

Real estate Manager



Finance department

The finance department is in charge of the foundations finances, keeps track of rent payments and returns security fee payments.

Jaana Rosbacka

Financial Manager



Sari Sui

Rental payments and accounts payable



Mikaela Åberg

Security fees