Home insurance

Home insurance from LocalTapiola -30%

Home insurance is recommended, it protects your home and property from unpleasant surprises.

In life, things happen, and even the smallest damage can have a large impact on a student’s finances. This is when home insurance comes in handy. The insurance gives you peace of mind, secures your home if something happens, and covers small as well as large damage to your property and personal belongings. It also helps in situations when you have caused another person damage or if you need to hire legal help.

The cheapest home insurance is not always the best option. We recommend that you compare the contents of different insurances, and consider which protections are included as well as the deductibles and maximum compensations in case of damage. In this way, you will find the best insurance for you.

Our Premium home insurance covers situations where, for example, you drop your phone on the ground and it breaks, your washing machine breaks and causes water damage or your locked bike is stolen. As an add-on, there is Premium Plus, with a higher level of cover for your household goods. The age deductions for damage to new appliances are more favorable and the protection also replaces the restoration of the computer’s files if your computer is damaged, which for a student can be very valuable. The insurance at the basic level suits those who do not need protection in the event of a breakage. It is a more affordable option that protects your home and your property e.g. in the event of a fire, leakage, or theft.

Our home insurance includes both liability insurance coverage and legal protection insurance. The liability insurance coverage covers personal and property damage, which you have, for example, caused through negligence to another person or their property. Legal protection insurance, in turn, makes it possible to hire legal assistance in civil or criminal cases.

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