Rules and regulations

In addition to the Public Order Act (612/2003) the following regulations apply on our property to further a cozy environment, health and safety:

 Each tenant has to follow good manners and cleanliness in a way that the common areas, rooms and furnishings stay clean and undamaged. Damaging party is responsible of damages and repairs will be done on the expense of the originator. Tenants in shared apartments are equally responsible of the condition of the common areas.

 Only the person who has signed the lease agreement may live in a shared apartment.

 The tenant must inform VOAS about the number of people living in the apartment and their personal data.

 Any playing of music, singing and usage of stereo equipment or household utilities in addition to any loud living that disturbs the peace is forbidden between 10PM – 7AM. Also all activities that are apparently disruptive to others are forbidden at all times.

 Parking of vehicles is only allowed on areas reserved for that purpose. Parking spaces must be reserved separately.

 Washing or maintaining vehicles on the property is forbidden.

 All pets must be on a leash on the yard area. It is forbidden to walk a pet at children’s playground or in their immediate surroundings.

8§ It is forbidden to feed wild animals in the yard area.

 Pets are forbidden in shared apartments.

10§ Begging and selling of any kind is forbidden as well as practicing non-profit association or a religious work from door to door.

11§ Tamping and airing of carpets and textiles is allowed only on the areas designated for it. Tamping on balconies is strictly forbidden.

12§ Smoking indoors, on balcony-accesses and on any kind on balconies is prohibited.

13§ Storing property is allowed only in the storage facilities of the common areas. Smelly or other harming substances or objects are forbidden to keep in the common areas. Storing things on the corridors of storage facilities is forbidden.

14§ Bicycles, baby carriages, sporting equipment etc. may not be kept in the foyer of the building, staircases, balcony-accesses or other common areas, but must be taken to the storage facilities meant for them.

15§ You may not install outdoor antennas or satellite dishes, or affix signs without the permission of VOAS.

16§ A fault report must be filled without a delay when a malfunction occurs in the apartment, appliances, yard areas or common areas.

Nobody may disturb living comfort of others with their behavior or in any other way. Tenants must otherwise follow the basic manners of domestic peace.

Tenants are responsible of making sure that their guests follow these regulations.