Fault report and door opening requests

Door opening requests

The service company’s door opening service is on call at Luotsi Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy at the service number 050 389 1839, which serves 24 hours.

The door opening requests must always be done by calling the service number. Plese don’t file a fault report for these.

The opening fee is 40€, which the tenant can pay directly to the serviceman with a card or in cash. When paying by invoice, the opening fee is 55€ and the invoice will be sent to the tenant by VOAS afterwards. Identity must be proved when the door is opened.

During the opening hours of the VOAS office, you can pick up the key from the office free of charge. Identity must be proved when you pick up the key. 

Please note! The service personnel don’t change fuses, light bulbs or fluorecent tubes, they are on your own responsibilty (except in Puuvilla, service will relace fuses).

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