Study & Chill VOAS

Study & Chill VOAS is a study space and living room for our tenants. It is located next to our office, the address is Hartmaninkuja 4. Study & Chill is open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM, and the tenants can get in with their own house key. Instructions can be found next to the entrance.

Study & Chill is divided into a living room, a quiet study room, a team room and a kitchen. In the living room, tenants can hang out and play board games, for example. The quiet study room is meant for independent work, and talking is not allowed there.

The team room is suitable for group projects and meetings, and it can be reserved on the booking system here. You can book the room for 3 hours max per week.

In the kitchen, you can find tables, a fridge for your lunch, dinner or snacks, cutlery, and a coffee maker machine. Here you can enjoy a coffee break from your studies!

Upcoming events in Study and Cill:

7.3. Ecologic cleaning tips (with Ristinummen Martat)

8.4. Sewing overall patches (with Ristinummen Martat)

16.5. TBA!

Rules of Study and Chill as a picture.