Internet connection

There is a free internet connection available in all VOAS apartments. You can access the connection by connecting your device to the apartment’s data socket. There is one data socket in each apartment and room. You can either connect a device (for example a computer or a gaming console) directly to the data socket with an RJ45 cable, or set up a WiFi connection, for which you’ll need your own router. VOAS does not provide cables or routers to the apartments.

Please note. VOAS has installed routers in Sekahaku IV and Sekahaku V, and you can set up an internet connection using these. You’ll find instructions in the apartments.

Instructions for setting up the connection:

In case you’re using one computer:

  • Connect the network cable from the RJ45 interface of the computer’s network card to the flat’s data socket.

In case you have a router and multiple devices that use internet connection:

  • Connect the network cable from the router’s WAN interface (usually called WAN or Uplink) to the flat’s data socket.
  • Connect the network cables from the router’s LAN interfaces (usually called LAN, or numbered) to the devices’ (computer, gaming console, TV, etc.) RJ45 interfaces.
  • If you use a wireless router, the connection can also be established wirelessly between the router and the computer (see the wireless router’s user instructions for detailed instructions).

If you’re facing issues with the connection, try these first:

Restart the devices which use the online connection, and again check the device connections. Also detach the cables and reconnect them. In room-specific sockets, try the connection using the ATK/DATA and the PUH socket because the connectors can be cross-connected. Check that the network cable is not a cross-cable. To check the network cable type, compare the transparent connectors side by side. The connector colors must be in the same order in both connectors. The right kind of network cable has the colors in the same order. A cross-cable has the colors in different order, which means that you need to replace the cable.

Local Customer Support

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Opening hours: Ark. 9–19, La 10–16, Su 12-16

Customer Support & Fault Reports

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If you need personal guidance for installing or using the device or service, quick assistance is provided by the Omaguru-service. Get to know the service at or call direct
0600 900 500 (2,50€/min + 2,50€ per beginning minute + local call rate)
Mon–Fri 8:00 am–9:00 pm,
Saturday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

When necessary, you can also conveniently obtain on-site assistance in your home.