Parking places

There are parking spaces equipped with heating sockets near every real estate. There are also parking halls available in Olympia and Ahvenranta. The prices of the parking places vary:

  • Parking place outside with a heating socket, 8–10 €/kk
  • Parking place in a shelter or a parking hall, 14–25 €/kk

eParking app

In the following real estates, you can easily reserve a parking place through the eParking app ( These parking places can also be paid for directly through the app. Please note that you must register to eParking to use the service.

Book your parking place via eParking, if you live in one of these houses:

  • Ahvenranta
  • Siksak
  • VOAS I ja Kackur
  • Alli
  • Olympia I
  • Pihapetäjä
  • Kotikapteeni
  • Puuvilla
  • Pihatammi
  • Kirkkopuistikko 2
  • Ajurinkatu 27
  • Klemetinkatu 5
  • Pihakoivu
  • Vörkkis
  • Villitys

Other car parking places can be booked at the housing office and paid with the rent.

You are only allowed to park your car on your own, reserved parking place. Parking on another tenant’s place or on areas that are not reserved for parking is forbidden. If you break the parking rules, you will get a parking ticket. Unfortunately, we don’t have any parking places for guest parking.

The electricity of the heating sockets is turned on from 6 am until 10 am and from 2 pm until 6 pm. The temperature limit is 0° C. In the heating sockets of the newest buildings there is a separate timer for each unit.

Heating the car engine with electricity from your apartment or from a common area is strictly forbidden. The fuse can’t handle in-car heaters.