Cancellation of the tenancy agreement

When you are moving out of your apartment, notice the following: as a tenant you have a right have the cancelling time of one calendar month. Tenancy agreements cancelling policy goes according to regulations of Act on Residential Leases. Cancelling time is calculated from the last day of the current month, when cancelling form has been delivered to the housing office. For example: if you cancel your apartment between 1st and 28th of February, your tenancy agreement ends 31st of March.

How to cancel the agreement

Cancellation of a tenancy agreement can be done with an official cancellation form. A phone call, email or other unofficial notifications are not enough to cancel your agreement. There are two ways to give the cancellation notice:

Cancel your tenancy agreement electronically (To cancel the agreement electronically, you will need to sign into the portal with Finnish bank identification. Our system also needs to have your Finnish social security number saved for this option to work).


Download the cancellation form PDF below and return it to the housing office by email (asuntotoimisto(at), or bring the paper to the office.

You can also fill out a paper cancellation form at our office.

When the cancellation has been processed successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Apartment showing or pictures

It’s very common that the new tenant candidates would like to see the apartment before making a renting decision. VOAS has a right to organize a showing of the apartment in case you don’t give permission to give your contact information to the next tenant.

Pictures tend to say more than a thousand words. If you’re able to send us pictures of your apartment, we can forward them directly to the applicant that’s interested in your apartment. This way everybody wins; you save time and the next applicant gets a general view of the apartment.

Instructions for moving out can be found here.