Moving out

Final cleaning

Before moving out, the tenant must ensure that the apartment is cleaned thoroughly for the new tenant. You can either clean the apartment yourself or order a partial cleaning service from our partner. The service costs 70 euros and it can be reserved through a link that’s going to be delivered to your email about a month before the agreement ends. The cost of the cleaning service will be deducted from your security fee, or we will send you an invoice for the sum if the security fee is not enough to cover the costs.

The cleaning service includes:

  • Wiping all kitchen surfaces
  • Wiping the kitchen cabinet doors from the outside
  • Washing the oven and the stove
  • Washing the toilet seat, sink and the mirror cabinet
  • Vacuuming and washing the floors in all rooms

If you prefer to clean the apartment yourself, you can find a checklist for the cleaning process below. In case you haven’t ordered the cleaning service, and the apartment is not cleaned properly, we’ll deduct the cleaning fees from your security following the price list below.

Please note! You are not allowed to leave your personal belongings in the apartment after moving out. If the previous tenant has left items in the apartment (such as curtains or a lamp) for which you have not requested removal from VOAS, the responsibility for these items has transferred to you, and you must ensure that the apartment is completely empty when you move out. In furnished apartments, the furniture and lamps provided by VOAS must be left there.

Apartment inspection

In case you have ordered the cleaning service, the cleaners will inspect the apartment condition on your behalf. If you are doing cleaning yourself, you must fill out an inspection form that will be sent to your email before the agreement ends. You must attach pictures of the cleaned apartment to the form. The purpose of the form is to ensure that the apartment is cleaned and in good condition for the new tenant.

If you don’t fill out the inspection form, we will need to send an inspector to visit the apartment. This will delay the process of returning your security fee.

Returning the keys

The keys can be returned directly to our office during our opening hours, or to the key returning slot (see the picture) in the inner yard of Raastuvankatu 11. The returning slot is open around the clock. The keys must not be left in the empty apartment.

Please note! The price for a lost iLoq key is changing starting June 1st, 2024: 60€ -> 100€!