Shared cars

VOAS has two fully electric Nissan Leaf shared cars available for tenants to rent. The car can be used for daily needs like shopping and visiting friends, or even longer road trips.

The service is provided by Omago.

You can find the cars parked:

  • in the yard of Leipätehdas (Hietasaarenkatu 14) in parking lot number 1
  • Ahventie 23, from the right side of the round laundry building

The parking lot is marked with a blue Omago sign.

You only pay for the use of the car according to the following price list:

8 € / hour

60 € / day (reservations of over 9 hours)

How to book the car?

To rent the car, you must register in the Omago system and enter the code VOAS2021 to join. The car is booked and commissioned with Omago’s smartphone app.

Instructions for the registration:

1. Go to
2. Enter the subscription code: VOAS2021
3. Enter your information and accept the terms of use
4. You can now see the booking calendar and book the car.

Instructions for the car:

The service provider Omago Oy offers personal guidance on using the car on
050 415 0300. Omago’s customer service helps 020 127 7799 in all matters related to the car 24/7.

Instructions on how to use the car (in Finnish).


1. What do I do in case I damage the car?
In case of damage, the rental price always includes insurance. The deductible is 1,000 €, but with a 4 € surcharge per booking you can change the deductible to 250 €.
2. Can I book the car in advance?
You can book the car for immediate use or even a month in advance for the time you need. The minimum booking time is 1 hour.
3. How can I refuel the car?
The car is an electric car, so there is no need to refuel it. The car is always charging while parked in the home location. If the car needs to be charged during your reservation, the easiest way to find charging stations is at The car’s quick charge type is “CHAdeMO”.