Pests and pest control

Insects are an essential part of the natural cycle of life, but when they end up in your home they may become a problem. Insect pests are annoying, but often you can get rid of them on your own. Pesticides and rat poison can be found in all grocery stores. It is important with regular and thorough cleaning, because it keeps better away the uninvited guests.

In case you notice pests

If you notice pests in your apartment or house, contact our housing office immediately. VOAS will order a pest control company to the apartment if needed. You will need to send us pictures of the pesticides so that we can confirm the situation with a professional before taking action.

Especially if you see bedbugs or cockroaches, you need to contact us right away.

Pest control operations

In case a pest control operation is ordered to your apartment, you have to follow the professional’s instrictions carefully. In case a tenants does not follow the instructions and by doing so delays the operation, all additional procedures will be charged from the tenant.

Common insects and pests

Most common insects indoors are silverfishes and ants. To prevent silverfishes; keep the wet areas dry by leaving the bathroom door up after the shower so the floors can dry. The most common food pests in the kitchen are small beetles, but also fruit flies and ants are problem insects. By cleaning, throwing away infected foods and use pesticides, you get rid of these insects. Also they are not toxic!

The most common cockroach in Finland is the german cockroach. If you suspect that you have cockroaches in the apartment, inform the housing office about the matter immediately. With thorough cleaning, taking out the garbage bag daily and use pesticides you will get rid of the pests.

If you find mice or rats notify the caretaker and the housing office about the matter. We instruct and, if necessary, we will come and check for holes that rodents use.Textile pest is the name of insects that for example chew holes in clothing and textiles and bites of threads.

Textile pests include insects such as carpet beetles and clothes moths. If you find these, it’s time for a thorough cleaning; cleaning, washing textiles in 60 degrees (or freeze them down for several days) and use pesticides in the places where you found the insects. You should also inform the housing office about your discoveries.

Bedbugs are no obstacle to stay in the apartment, though it is an unpleasant nuisance. If you suspect that your home affected by bedbugs, you should immediately contact the housing office. You can’t get rid of the bedbugs on you own and therefore the pest controllers have to be notified. VOAS policy is to immediately contact pest controllers, who then investigate and poisons. To have a successive poisoning it is important that a tenant carefully follows the instructions. Moving to a new apartment does not solve the problem with bed bugs! The landlord is not liable for compensation for any damage to the furniture or laundry expenses etc.

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