Security fee

VOAS apartment offers are always accepted by paying a security fee of 200 euros. When you receive an apartment offer to your email, the offer also contains the payment instructions for the security fee. If the security fee is not paid in time, we interpret this as declining the offer and the applicant is dropped out of the waiting list.

Paying the security fee is a binding preliminary tenancy agreement.

If a tenant cancels the tenancy agreement at the latest two weeks before the agreement starts, the security fee is held back as a penalty fee. After that we follow the usual cancellation time of one calendar month.

Agreements made for fixed period: a processing fee of 50 euros will be charged with your first rent.

The security fee is returned to the tenant within a month after the end of their tenancy agreement, given that the tenant has paid all their rent and left the apartment in a proper condition.

Can I apply for a security fee from Kela?
You can apply for a security fee from Kela, but please note that VOAS does not accept payment commitments. The security fee can only be provided by direct bank transfer.

Bank connection information for paying yhe security fee

Beneficiary: VOAS, Hartmaninkuja 4, 65100 VAASA    
Name of bank: Nordea Bank 
Address of the bank: Alatori 3, 65100 VAASA, FINLAND
IBAN (account number): FI78 1318 3000 1082 32
Remember to use your reference number (the 16-digit number on your offer message) when you pay the security or inform your name and address of the apartment!