Tenant activity

Jump into VOAS tenant activity – your opinion matters!

Every tenant of VOAS can take part in tenant activity. By attending you are able to get to know your neighborhood and neighbors better and also improve your neighborhood’s living conditions. The statutory tasks of resident operations are written in law. In practice, tenant activity at VOAS is more informal. Tenants can join their own area’s resident councils; VOAS has three of these: City center (plus other areas), Olympia, and Palosaari. The cooperation delegation is gathered from the representatives of each resident council, and it functions as a main organization to the resident operations. This way the tenants of VOAS are able to influence living environment easily!

Tenant committee supervises your living environment

Through the tenant committees you have a possibility to participate in decision making. We are pleased to welcome you to the events and trips, which tenant committees are actively arranging for our tenants. We would also like to hear all kind of ideas on how to improve living facilities. Ideas on events we could arrange for neighborhoods are of course also warmly welcome!

The cooperation delegation decides an annual budget for every tenant committee to make sure that tenants have possibilities to improve and maintain the activity each year. The tenant committee can affect our rules and regulations, division of car parking places, and sauna and laundry room turns in each real estate. They can also act as a mediator in conflicts, arrange voluntary work and other joint occasions. There are millions of possibilities!

The cooperation delegation has the say

The cooperation delegation (YVA) consists of representatives of all resident councils. The tenant representatives of the VOAS board are chosen from YVA. YVA gives its statement of the foundations financial statement, annual report, strategy, and budget.

Join tenant activity!

The resident councils for the following year are elected in the annual tenant meeting in late fall.

We are pleased to welcome you to living at VOAS and join into the tenant activity!

You can contact the chairperson from the address: yva.pj(at)voas.fi and jump into the tenant activity of VOAS!