Living in VOAS

What was it like to live in a VOAS apartment in the 1990s? Johanna’s story was published in VOAS’ info magazine in 1994. I wanted a place in Villitys and got it!Johanna Mäkinen, 24, lives in Villitys. She has been living there for almost three years. “It has been a good place to live. I have made many new friends here. In Vaasa there is a lot to do! We go to the movies and bars. I also like sports: I go to aerobic and play badminton. And the free gym is great!”“I wanted a VOAS apartment and Villitys was my first choice because I wanted privacy too.”Johanna is the secretary of the Villitys tenant council. “We organise parties and make this house an even better place to live.”Villitys has had a problematic reputation in the past. Now the spirit is excellent. “We want to develop this place even further, we have been thinking, for example, a computer room for free use for all tenants.”

Pondering rentThe rent costs Johanna 1115 marks per month. “The rent feels high, but at least it includes electricity and water. Anyway, this location and the communal spaces are worth it.”You can impact on your livingVillitys is well-equipped, according to Johanna. The desk, chair and a bookshelf are provided by VOAS. A shower and a phone connection are obviously included in the apartment equipment. Johanna has arranged her apartment to have a mini kitchen including a fridge and a microwave.In Villitys the tenant can make living more comfortable. Johanna would wish for lighter coloured furniture compared to the dark ones there are now. The living seems nice with the laundry, sauna, common space and cable TV offering dozens of channels.Comfortable living“I have liked it here in Villitys. It is located near the centre and the housing type is nice: there are common spaces and privacy. You can meet other tenants and chat with them in the TV room.”