Olympia – the largest VOAS real estate

Olympia is a significant student centre on the edge of Vöyrinkaupunki. The first house of Olympia raised to its height in 1993, and the whole construction process took three years. Olympia represented a new style and a new housing culture, which made it more likely for residents to meet each other.

The architecture of Olympia is the result of a competition that gathered participants around Nordic countries. The winner was Slotte&Schutz from Vaasa and Helsinki. Their proposition was praised for its potential to be built in a realistic economical frame and its overall practicality.

“The proposition forms good and diverse living standards and respects the cityscape of Vaasa,” the jury commented.

The theme behind Olympia was to enable the residents to meet each other in the communal yard, terrace, laundry rooms and in the sauna. The lobby reminded one of a luxury cruise ship and was hoped to be a meeting spot for students. The VOAS office moved to Olympia too, to serve where the students are. 

Olympia was exactly what the students wanted – as a new house located near the centre it became popular immediately.