Renewing and digitalising systems

The strategy for 2020–2022 emphasizes change. The foundation’s processes were developed from traditional to digital. The global pandemic sped up and made the need and necessity of change clear.In 2020 the new digital working methods of financial management and the new accounting system were established. The pandemic caused the time and place of working to vary. Taking advance of distant work meant digitalising renting and invoicing processes. The personnel were amazingly committed to these changes and with a professional partner the new system was put to use in January 2021, as planned. The historical moment of sending the thousands of rent bills digitally took place in the end of December 2020.Along with the reformations the customer service processes became more efficient. The possibility to sign and terminate the rental contract online made the transactions easier to tenants. It also decreased the paperwork significantly.Modern working tools and methods create conditions for efficient working for years and decades to come.