Villitys represented the typical student living of the time – with modern conveniences. Dormitory-style Villitys offered student a furnished room shared with another student and spacious, well-equipped communal spaces. Villitys enhanced the living standards of students in Vaasa remarkably.

A room in Villitys.

The farewell party of Hjördis Nyström in 1984. VOAS CEO Antti Koski, Hjördis Nyström, Restaurant Manager Ahti Hyttilä and Real Estate Director Aarne Linnolahti.The Property Manager Hjördis Nyström worked at VOAS in 1974–1984 and took care of Villitys like her own. On her way home from work, Hjördis visited Villitys and checked that everything was in order. If there was something that needed attention, it was fixed. The commitment of Hjördis gave the whole community a sense of safety.

The construction company that built Villitys, K. E. Nyman, also invented the name: Villitys derived from the radical left student culture of the decade.

Villitys was also a summer hotel. The house was renovated in the beginning of the new millennia when most of the apartments were transformed into single apartments with kitchens. There are shared apartments still in Villitys, but now every resident has a room of their own.