VOAS works on behalf of the students

Student living in the 1970s relied heavily on private landlords renting out rooms. Dormitories were also common. The lack of housing was real: in the beginning of the decade only 20 % of the students applying for a VOAS apartment were able to get one. The private owners preferred young women and it was especially hard for young men to find an apartment.

The city of Vaasa and all the student unions in Vaasa were involved in founding VOAS. Apartment construction started immediately and right from the start VOAS invested in the quality of living and tenant satisfaction. VOAS had a goal: the students should live by the general living standards.

VOAS started constructing small houses and was a pioneer in raising student living standards. Two-story row houses were built in Palosaari and the residents had a lot of space and own yards. The houses were designed by the trusted architect of VOAS – Andre Schutz.

The goal of decentralising student housing was that the students and the houses would adapt in their surroundings. High standard communal spaces and yards have inspired the tenants to take a part in tenant activities since the first VOAS house.

Young men found it particularly hard to find an apartment. These men had to spend nights on the streets.